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Friday, May 26, 2006

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Welcome to my blog.

“Mauven Path”

This is a photo of me advertising my art works. I've had them printed onto T-shirts, posters and postcards. Have a scroll down and take a look at all the paintings and sketches on offer. You can have any of these designs printed onto T-shirts or A3 size posters for £20 plus £2.00 post and package if you’re in the UK. Otherwise you can have these designs printed onto post cards for £1 each plus standard mail costs according to where you are in the world.

“Some Floating”

This size ‘10’ T-shirt is for sale at the set price is £20. If you have any queries please contact:

“Rolling Golden” & “Spiralling Trees”

You're welcome to order printed T-shirts, posters or post cards direct from me. Please state which art design, size of T-shirt, and whether you prefer v-neck or round neck. At present all T-shirts come in white. They are machine washable and the colours do not run after they’ve been washed.

“The Spoddies” & “Mr Snail”

If you would prefer to commission more conventional art works, I would be pleased to discuss your requirements. I paint on canvas board or vases. I can paint in oils, acryllics, watercolours, enamel and metallics, particularly gold. A 30 x 20 painting or a larger size = £3,000, a smaller painting, such as, 10 x 10 = £1,000 and a painted vase = £100. I'll be happy to receive your orders direct to: or just email to write a comment or ask questions.

“Silver Trees” & “The Navel”

“Flying Tree People in Gold” & “Sketch Study of Trees”

“Hybrid men and trees” & “Standing on the swirling”

“Landscape in Green” & “Landscape in Red”

“Curling Rose” & “Mushrooms on Hill”

“Sketch of unknown man” & “Sketch of unknown girl”

“Blow Puff Dandelion” & “Oriental tree”

“Red City” & “Starry Landscape”

“Rolling Trees” “Rock City”

“Seahorse” & “Lizard”

“Vindication of Eve” & “Escaping the Industrial”

“New Year’s Eve” & “Disintegrating”

Please email me with your orders or thoughts:

I will accept payment via PayPal for purchases over eBay, when there's a listing, or personal cheques.